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   Brianna's passion for teaching and training in visual arts began during her internship at Bronxnet Community Television in 2015. While serving as a variety of studio production positions, she soon became the senior floor manager where her duties included organizing studio crews, delegating production positions for the live morning shows and liaising between the producer, director and the host. Building from all of these experiences, she eventually became the Studio Coordinator and the Youth Internship Coordinator.

As the Youth Internship Coordinator, Brianna was able to use her technical and mentorship skills to develop and train over 100 students, ages 12 and up. She also forged a variety of partnerships with NYC based colleges and high schools, created and managed students schedules in the studio and ensured that they received both personal and technical training during their time at Bronxnet. 

After Bronxnet, Brianna went on to serve as a freelance production assistant for CNN in 2017 and also freelanced doing both photo and video work for a variety of non-profits, independent production companies and private events. In 2019, Brianna developed her first 7 week media education program as an independent with the Rockland Dream Project in Rockland, New York, which provided entrepreneurship and filmmaking workshops to middle school aged youth.  Shortly after her first independent media program, she was hired by WHEDco in the South Bronx as a videography specialist, teaching video production to grades 6-8 in an after school program where she then was truly able to develop not only her own curriculum but a love for developing and mentoring the future generations of media.

Since then, Brianna has served as a teaching artist/facilitator and a production consultant for a variety of non-profit education programs and also trains privately within her own production company with people of all ages, teaching the basics of videography and photography. 



Bronxnet Community Television


Daren Jaime, Anchor, Executive Producer

Rhina Valentin, Creative Producer, Host


Served as: Senior Floor Manager, Intern & Studio Coordinator

Rockland Dream Project/Lower Hudson Valley Perinatal Network


 Laura Al Achkar, Program Manager


Serving as: Video Production Specialist



 Zoila Rosario, Program Director

Lael Warr, Associate Program Director

Serving as: Video Production Specialist

Classical Theater of Harlem

(Summer 2022)

Maechi Arawanha, Project Classics Coordinator

Served as: Film Production Specialist/Consultant

Girls with Knowledge

(March 2022-Present)

Marcelle Lashley-Kabore, Chief Executive Officer

Serving as: Video Production Specialist/Program Facilitator


Josephine Herrick Project

(October 2021-Present)

Miriam Leuchter, Executive Director

Wendy Correa, Program Director

Serving as: Teaching Artist, Teacher's Assistant

Downtown Community Television Center

(March 2023-Present)

Johnny Ramos, Director of Youth Programs

Kira Britt, Youth Media Associate

Serving as: Youth Media Instructor

Photo Start

(March 2023-Present)

David Lehman, Founder

Serving as: Media Instructor

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