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Photographed by Sophia Williams/@sophiawilliams15

         Born in NYC and raised in Yonkers, NY, Brianna's passion for visual arts began when she received her first digital camera from her father at the age of 17. Continuing to build on this passion she later went to Lehman College in the Bronx, NY to pursue a BA in Film & TV Studies.

         While at Lehman, her love for visual arts quickly transformed into a focus for television production after landing her first internship at Bronxnet Community Television in 2014, also conveniently located on Lehman’s campus. At Bronxnet, Brianna was able to significantly build her technical skills as she held a variety of studio production positions including studio camera operator, technical director/director, lead floor manager and she also worked as a videographer/editor for field productions. She later served as Bronxnet's Intern & Studio Coordinator where she both recruited and trained high school and college students in all aspects of studio production.

          From Bronxnet, Brianna has gone on to freelance for various networks including CNN’s Headline News, News 12 Westchester, BET and The Grio; institutions/organizations such as Mount Sinai Health System, Columbia University, Harvard University, the American Medical Association and has served as a production consultant and cinematographer for a variety of independent minority and WOC owned production companies.

         As of now, Brianna freelances full time and works within her own production company, Brianna Rohlehr Visuals LLC, as a multimedia creative and a teaching artist. According to Brianna, she enjoys any opportunity that will allow her to express her creative vision and technical abilities and looks forward to connecting with more creatives such as herself in order to create meaningful, authentic and artistic content. 

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